Digital Book of Landscapes 2020


Churchill Way, Cardiff

Canal de culverting project

Ben Ferguson
Chartered Landscape Architect, Warrington

Atkins have been commissioned by Cardiff City Council to design a new landmark public space, celebrating and reimagining a long-forgotten part of the city’s maritime history, which has lain covered for decades.

Located in the heart of Cardiff city centre, The Canal Quarter will unveil, enhance and celebrate the dock-feeder canal with a variety of sustainable and exciting interventions. A series of bio-retention gardens and water features will capture rainfall and ensure that runoff is cleaned, controlled, and reused; and done so in a way that educates, entertains, and enlightens.

A cantilevered stage and terraced amphitheatre will host key cultural events throughout the year and broadleaf tree planting as well as a bespoke steel pergola with climbing plants will provide dappled shade and pollution management.

This street of three lane highway with parking bays will soon be converted to a waterside haven with lush planting for pedestrian enjoyment creating a unique and vibrant part of the city's offer.

The project is currently going through the process of detailed design with construction commencing in early 2021.

Before Before
After After