Digital Book of Landscapes 2020


International masterplanning

Davide Minniti
Chartered Urbanist - Associate Director

We interviewed Davide Minniti to ask him how this year had gone and to give us a brief insight into the work of the International master-planning team and the amazing landscapes they work within.


Our firm belief that “We change people lives” has never been truer than in 2020. The projects we have delivered have made a real difference to our clients and the communities they serve. Thanks to a great team of talented, motivated and inspired people, in the past 12 months, we have risen to the challenge of addressing global poverty & sustainable urban development in Kenya, delivering a world class, landmark project in Saudi Arabia as well as supporting European mature cities in becoming greener and smarter in Eastern Europe.

Through the SUED programme, we have partnered with 6 developing market towns across Kenya to prepare sustainable development strategies and projects that are both green and attract investment that will improve the lives of about 1 million inhabitants.

We have met kids, citizens, farmers, traders, civil servants and community leaders, shared meals and heard their aspirations as well experiencing amazing wildlife (watch out for the crocodiles!). In Kenya we also delivered the COVID-Proof Market strategy to help Kisii’s economy working during their lock-down.

In KSA we have contributed to Saudi Arabia’s ‘capital of entertainment, sports, and the arts’ - Qiddiya masterplan, a new leisure destination spanning 334km2 which spans an iconic cliff and an associated low-lying plain. In the meantime, we witnessed both the world changing (COVID19 outbreak in March) as well as the record-breaking speed at which this project has broken ground. Qiddiya will accommodate an entire new resort community, including a new waterpark, Riyadh’s fully-fledged F1 racetrack and the Six Flags leisure park currently in design by Atkins.

In Europe we are addressing the challenge to meet the Paris Agreement targets and regenerate consolidated cities. Working with both the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development through the Green Cities Action Plans, we are helping delivering greener, smarter and more people centred cities and projects that will achieve both net-zero emissions and help to re-boot a greener economy.

SUED, Kenya